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To Da Break Of Dawn

A reportage into Malaika, a grassroots non-profit organization which operates in a small village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
Through education, water and health, Malaika is changing an entire community in Kalebuka.


Hip-Hop's pioneering figures are brought to life through a collection of photographs which aim to freeze the energy and mood of what is considered to be the forefront of pop-culture. 

Windrush Murals

This project documented the Windrush series executed by the artist Deanio X. The three pieces appeared respectively in Lewisham High Street, London Bridge and Walworth Road.

Pictures of "From Africa to Caribbean to Catford - A Great British Scandal" were acquired by the Royal Museums Greenwhich.

Surviving The Rural Exodus


A celebration of some of the most resourceful people contributing to the culture of Abruzzo (Italy), despite dwindling populations, natural disaster and global crises.

Part of the global art project Inside Out Project.