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CMC Markets: OPTO Events

One of my regular corporate events I regularly shoot, is the OPTO Events hosted by CMC Markets.

In of the most astonishing setup for events, The Ned, the evening features:

-Exclusive trading insights from experts

-A unique chance to network with guest speakers and fellow attendees

-Speaker Q&A – to get your questions answered

-Five-star food from the restaurant! In September's event Ryan O’Doherty spoke about Optimising your trading platforms and trade techniques and also Trevor Neil touched on how to find the best stocks using the top-down approach of professionals.

For this type of events, we usually have a couple of Sony FS7 on close ups and wide angle shots and also a roaming camera on a DJI Ronin-S to capture the highlights and more creative shots. Here's a glimpse of the night:

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