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Samsung Turn Off of Millions of TV

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The disruptive campaign launched on Friday 25th May with a 20-second advert which has been designed to trick viewers into thinking their devices have been turned off leaving viewers staring into the void – for five long seconds!!

The 'trick ads' appeared on screens during The Simpsons (Sky), Coronation Street (ITV) and First Dates (C4) with the aim to create a shock by the TV static effect we created! In addition, the campaign also took over digital displays at the iconic Piccadilly Circus, as well as interrupting the famous Pearl and Dean theme tune during the adverts before the screenings of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” in cinemas.

This was just one of the many smart thinking and creative idea executed by Taylor Hering and it was a real thrill to be part of the #TVblackout campaign!

The whole animation was created in After Effects ;)

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